What is Community Solar?
Clean Local Energy for All

Solar is great and it’s growing fast. More than 100,000 Californians have installed solar on their homes. They’re generating clean, renewable energy and eliminating tens of thousands of tons of carbon from the environment every year. But what if you want solar, and can’t install it on your roof? Say you rent your house. Or live in an apartment. Or your roof is shaded. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that only 22%-27% of residential rooftops in the US are suitable for solar. What if there was a way for more people to go solar, so that even more of California's energy came from the sun?

Community solar is clean local energy for all. It’s for the 75% of residential rooftops that can’t host solar. It’s also for small businesses, schools and local governments that want to get more of their power from the sun while investing dollars back into the community.

How Does Community Solar Work?

It’s simple. You subscribe to a solar system that is located in your community. The system could be on the roof of a local building, in an open field, or in a sunny, sparsely populated area. As a subscriber, you receive a credit on your monthly utility bill equal to your share of the power generated by the system. If you move, you can sell your subscription – or take it with you. You will still get your utility bill – but you will get more of your power from the sun.

Residential neighborhoods
Schools & other campuses
Multi-unit buildings
Images courtesy of The Vote Solar Initiative

How Do I Get Community Solar?

Currently, community solar opportunities in California are limited. To open the market and provide greater solar access to a diverse range of customers, policy changes are needed. Recently introduced legislation would provide this crucial policy change and create solar opportunity for all Californians.